Commercial Real Estate

You have a lot invested in your commercial real estate transaction, and we have the experience and expertise necessary to protect that investment.

Commercial real estate transactions can quickly become very complex. Potential barriers to a successful transaction can implicate a myriad of issues such as the viability and authority of the parties, reconciliation of the survey and title commitment to resolve title issues, ensuring or obtaining zoning compliance, investigation and resolution of environmental issues, careful and comprehensive drafting of the necessary legal documents, and much, much more.


Failure to attend to every detail of the due diligence and closing process can result in misunderstandings, disputes, costly litigation, and possible disaster for an owner, seller, purchaser or lender! What starts out as a profitable transaction can suddenly become a black hole of legal fees and costs, with an uncertain resolution.

Excellent legal counsel can help you avoid the problems and pitfalls that can turn your vision into a nightmare. Closing counsel with experience in high-dollar commercial real estate transactions will be able to anticipate and discover potential problems, propose solutions that protect your interests while working to keep the deal alive, and do so without eating up your profit with sky-high attorney fees. Lower closing costs contribute directly to a higher bottom line for you and, for lenders, more competitive loan packages for potential borrowers, resulting in increased business. Thorough due diligence and document drafting means that there are fewer post-closing issues, which again translates directly to a stronger bottom line.

At Gosnell, P.C., our goal is to reduce potential liabilities, and maximize the profitability of our clients’ commercial real estate transactions. Whether it is a short term lease or a multi-million dollar development or office building, you have a lot invested in your commercial real estate transaction, and we have the experience and expertise necessary to protect that investment.

Gosnell, P.C. provides a broad range of services to assist tenants, landlords, buyers, sellers, lenders and developers in every aspect of commercial real estate management. We have represented businesses, banks, homeowners associations, landlords, and tenants in the purchase, development, construction, leasing, 1031 exchanges, and sale of commercial real estate. We have also represented clients before city and county land-use and zoning boards, as well as in circuit and appellate courts, in issues ranging from boundary and ownership disputes to land-use disputes. Mr. Gosnell has closed over $100 million in commercial real estate transactions across the United States, and has extensive experience in ownership and title issues, having once served as Title/Claims Counsel and Assistant Vice President of a major title insurance company. This experience means that your commercial real estate transaction is in good hands.