Appellate Advocacy

Most lawyers today recognize that appellate advocacy is very different from trial advocacy..

For the many trial attorneys, the thought of an appeal makes them shudder. They are often more likely to encourage a client to settle a case rather than face the prospect of going through the appeal process. This affects the types of cases they are willing to take, as well as their ability to give their clients the most effective and zealous representation possible.

Most lawyers today recognize that appellate advocacy is very different from trial advocacy, and an increasing number of trial lawyers will seek the expertise and specialized skills of an appellate law expert when entering the appellate arena. Arguing to a panel of judges requires an entirely different skill set from arguing to a jury. Further, the appellate rules are complex, and a simple misstep can result in your entire appeal being dismissed, and your case being lost, before you even have a chance to make your argument!

What if you knew you could confidently shepherd any case through the appeal stage with experienced appellate counsel? How would this allow you to grow your client base, your practice, and your firm? How would it improve your client service and representation?

We at Gosnell, P.C. bring over a decade of appellate advocacy experience to bear on your behalf, with a greater than 85% appeal success rate. This experience and level of excellence provides a basis for confidence that your appeal – and your client’s case – is in good hands. Scott Gosnell is admitted to and has practiced successfully in all levels of state appellate courts as well as the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, and is admitted to the United States Supreme Court. He has argued cases in such diverse areas as church law, commercial contract law, workers’ compensation law, government defense, civil rights defense, and real property law. Although Mr. Gosnell began his representation of many of those cases at the trial and pre-trial stage, some of his clients engaged him specifically to represent them at the appellate stage.

Whether you are defending a successful trial result, or attempting to correct an unjust or improper judicial ruling, Gosnell, P.C. has the experience and expertise to develop and execute an appellate strategy aimed at achieving the best possible results.