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Practice Areas

Corporate & Business Law

As a business owner or manager, you don’t want to spend your time trying to navigate the legal minefield.

Religious & Church

Churches must address corporate formation and governance issues, tax exempt regulations, and a myriad of church growth legal challenges.


We work with our clients on a proactive basis to identify and minimize areas of potential civil and criminal liability.

Appellate Advocacy

Most lawyers today recognize that appellate advocacy is very different from trial advocacy..

Commercial Real Estate

You have a lot invested in your commercial real estate transaction, and we have the experience and expertise necessary to protect that investment.

Banking and Lending

In this uncertain environment, Gosnell, P.C. can provide lenders with a source of stability and reliable counsel.


Sep 19 / Posted by Scott Gosnell

Noisy Windbags and Trouble-Making Rogues

Lawyers were commonly regarded as noisy windbags or trouble-making rogues; an early Connecticut law classed them with drunkards and brothel keepers.

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Jul 24 / Posted by Scott Gosnell

How To Hurt Your Best Employees (Without Even ...

Employee stock incentives are an effective tool. But, as in medicine, the first rule needs to be "do no harm."

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Jul 10 / Posted by Scott Gosnell

The SEC — Not Just a Sports Organization!

Any issuance of stock or LLC membership interest involves the issuance of a security under the Alabama Securities Act, as well as the Securities Acts of 1933 and Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

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Jun 26 / Posted by Scott Gosnell

That Strange, New, Wonderful Animal Called the ...

Although series LLCs are actually quite complex entities, we can offer some general observations that will help to clear up much of the mystery.

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Jun 19 / Posted by Scott Gosnell

Business Succession Planning

Having a business succession plan offers a tremendous amount of peace of mind, giving you confidence that when you are ready to retire, the monetary value of all of your hard work will be available long after you quit working.

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Jun 1 / Posted by Scott Gosnell

The Law of the Gun

Lawyers have to get 12 hours of continuing legal education every year to keep their law license, because the law is constantly changing, and we hold people’s future in our hands. Gun owners should be responsible enough to invest a few bucks and a few hours a year to refresh their understanding of the law, […]

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May 29 / Posted by Scott Gosnell

Happy Memorial Day

The Declaration of Independence would simply be words on a page, were it not written in the blood of patriots and heroes.

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Feb 22 / Posted by Scott Gosnell

In The World, But Not Legally Compliant

Churches and religious leaders must take their corporate responsibility seriously.

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Practice Areas

What people say about us

I am a small business owner in Atlanta.  I contracted with a company in Alabama that went completely south. Although in my mind I felt I had a very strong case, I was hesitant to get involved legally (especially in another state) until a consultation with Scott. Scott took control of the situation from the start, all the while explaining everything to me as the proceedings progressed. His guidance and expertise made me feel as comfortable and confident as possible.  Additionally, his fees are more than reasonable, and doesn’t charge for every little thing. The end result, I was a very satisfied client and would highly recommend him.

Scott did a great job helping my staff and I work through a difficult situation. It was refreshing how his professionalism, knowledge, experience and compassion all lined up to provide us with exactly what was needed. Thank you Scott!
Birmingham Fitness LLC

I want to thank you for keeping me at ease. You told me the first time that we talked that you would let me know when it was time to worry. I trusted you and took you at your word. Fortunately you never once told me to worry. I handed it all over to God the night the police took Dalton away. You entered the picture the next day and all was well.  
**I highly recommend, Scott, as a lawyer. He is great with clients and their families. He is very well organized and knows the law.
Pace Whitaker

I am truly grateful for Scott’s representation in my legal matter.  His professionalism, expertise and dedication to my case was outstanding.  If there is ever a need for legal advise or representation again, I am confident Scott Gosnell will be whom I call for legal counsel.
Thanks again for everything, YOU ROCK!
Susan Hughes

Scott has advised me multiple times in regards to legal questions about my company. He is an outstanding, knowledgeable and trustworthy man and regardless of how large or small the problem, his counsel is always well advised with an attention to detail that is impeccable!

Matthew McNutt
Owner, TreeWorks
Birmingham, Alabama
September 28, 2015

“Scott has done multiple things for me since I first obtained services from his company. He always has great results. I have recommended him to my family and friends and some of them now use his services.”

Ed Brasher
President, Brasher Electronics, Inc., Odenville, Alabama
September 27, 2011

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